Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The next battle...

Excuse me a second *YAWN* Czar that's all you got? Come on now son I don't think you're ready. Here pay attention: Let's take a look at this interesting gem. We all know Ms Jade's "Feel The Girl" don't we? Sick ass drums and definitely a very slept on first single. Well it actually samples Macedonian musician Vlatko Stefanovski's "Gipsy Song"

Czar stick to the easy Indian samples and kiddie Theme songs while I move on and take you to international school!

After givin' it a little thought let's go ahead and throw in a little extra just for kicks. Fabolous has a Timbo track "Right Now Later On" which samples this track by The Meter's called "Just Kissed My Baby"

So what ya' got for me Czar?

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