Monday, December 4, 2006

New Sebastian tracks

Sebastian breaks us off with yet more exclusive Timbaland joints. Go check out Sebastian's fan myspace and check out the new tracks. Add to the fan group and come chat with Sebastian himself. Every Wednesday and Friday nights at 9PM Eastern Time go and chat with the real Sebastian. The dude is mad cool and incredibly humble so go and join.

As far as the tracks go well I wouldn't be J Boogie if I didn't give you the break down so here it is:

New tracks:

- Can't Stop Us
- Beat Club
- Stomped Out
- Ready
- We At It Again (Original Version) This is the 6th version of this track, 3 of which have completely different beats
- Fried Chick Freestyle (same beat as D.O.E's "You Don't Believe Me" which means this was the original track before DOE's)
- Drama is the alternate "I See Dead People" version but it has an additional 5 seconds making it 4:25 versus the cut off version we all had at 4:20.
- It's Your Night is an alternate version as the whole hallway scene between Tim and the 2 girls like in the original is deleted, instead it just continues.

Props to Sebastian as always!

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