Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Last Battle

Again Czar what the heck is one of your "sample mixes"? I've never heard of them. I have a feeling you must have a team of people who work with you to get these samples if your making "mixes". Maybe it should be C-Z-A-R and T-E-A-M huh? Hhaha

Ok so let's start with an easy one: Timbaland & Magoo did the classic "Luv 2 Luv U Remix" The remix was better than the original by far. Well in typical Timmy fashion he took The JBs "Giving Up Food For Funk" for pretty much the entire bass line.

Let me guess it was in one of your "sample mixes" Czar? Yeah whatever to that. Here's another one that I found a bit interesting. Seems there is some confusion on what exactly Timbo sampled for Missy's "Xtasy" Yes he samples more than once which I'm sure Czar will tell you but the drums come from the J-Dilla callabo, J-88's "Stupid Lies" If ya'll can learn anything from this entry it's to go and buy J-88's album as it is seriously a classic.

So Czar that's what I got for this war. I promise you there will be others so try and come with some samples that are somewhat original. It's hard to see you down there son....

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