Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meg Murray

As I was roaming around the internet one day I came across a woman named Meg Murray who had previous ties with Timbaland. She has a few CDs out, including one from '02 that mentioned she had worked with Timbaland. Now of course I can't just read something like that and leave it at that, no I gotta go the next step(s). So after some digging, I was able to contact Meg and asked her a few questions about her association with Tim. Here is what she wrote me:

"I was introduced to Timbaland by Bill Pettaway, a songwriter/producer/amazing guitar player from Annapolis Md, my hometown. Bill plays guitar on a large amount of Timbaland productions, and he got me the hook-up with Tim in 1999.

I had a production contract with Timbaland in 1999 and I met with him in New York and wrote and recorded demos at Manhattan Center Sound with his writers during that time. Tim oversaw what we worked on and pitched me to labels in 2000 but I never got a record deal.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera were just hitting the scene, and I was more of a rock-R&B performer, playing live gigs 300 nights a year, so the market wasn't looking for my type, they were looking for young pop tarts at the time. C'est la vie!!

Timbaland was super-cool and gracious, and I was able to learn so much about the art of recording & production from hanging out with and watching Tim, Jimmy Douglass and the other engineers make their magic. I got to be a fly on the wall and got a crash course in Grade A Music Business and Creative Genius. Timbaland is truly cutting edge and pushes the envelope. It was like going to graduate school!!

None of the songs on my CD "Ready" were produced or written by Timbaland.

I re-recorded and re-produced a few of the songs from the New York sessions at home in Annapolis after my production contract ran out. Those are the songs you hear on the CD "Ready". Making that CD in Annapolis was a learning project for myself and Todd Kreuzburg as we ventured into the world of professional recording by computer. Self-taught.

The songs #2 "Be Straight" #4 "Get By" #7 "Perfect" and #8 "The Words" are songs that I co-wrote with Todd Walcsmuth and Robert Cadence in New York during our sessions in 1999-2000 that Timbaland heard, and those songs were definitely created to please him. Tim used other unreleased versions of some of those tunes to shop me for a deal.

Back in Annapolis, Todd Kreuzburg and I re-worked them and re-recorded them, learning to record on the computer as we went along- and they ended up on the "Ready" CD.

Not a lot of my friends and peers dug the CD when it came out in 2002- they thought it was "too hip-hop" or "too computer", but as I listen to it now, though there are a lot of technical things I could nit-pick and change, the overall spirit of the CD has held up well I think. But I am prejudice because it is my baby!!!

There are a few demo songs from those New York-Timbaland sessions that were not put on the "Ready" CD but will come out on my next release."

So there you have a bit of information you may not have known. I encourage everyone to go check out her myspace and her website She's got a unique voice and seems like yet another great talent in the music world!

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