Sunday, December 17, 2006

20,000 Hits!!

The Chronicles has just reached 20,000 hits which blows my mind. What started out as an idea to start a different kind of Timbaland site, different from anything that's out there to date, has grown into a respectable website that people come to for their Timbaland fix.

I recently put up a virtual map to get an idea of who was tuning into The Chronicles and as it turns out people from over 34 countries around the world have paid us a visit!! This goes to show that the genius of Timbo spans the entire globe and that music truly is universal.

Let me say a big THANK YOU to all of you for making this site successful. It would be nothing without your support and input so I say again thank you!! Shout out to my Beatclub family, the Stans Of The Tim Table, Big A and Czar my stans for life, THE Timbalandchick (my sis), and to Sebastian, DOE, Keri, Raje, Medina, Brian Kidd, Hannon, and all the other mad cool and humble musicians thank you.

I hope to continue this site for another 20,000 damn another 200,000 hits and so on. You all are great and keep that Timbo stan in all of us on going.

Big props to ya'll,

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