Friday, December 22, 2006

I can do this blind folded

"Sample Mix"? I have to say I've never heard any of your sample mixes Czar. Sad thing is that Jade sample was the first Timbo sample I ever found so if your just now putting on one of your "mixes" you're a little behind the times son. Do you need the sample of Missy's "The Rain" for your Samplex Mix 15 in 5 years? Poor guy...

Speaking of Missy, let's look at her "Whatcha Gon Do" . One of my favorite Missy tracks just cuz she killed it on the adlibs and of course the beat.

Now you've mentioned Fela Kuti before Czar and I have a feeling you don't even know who he is or where he's from. I suggest you read about him as he is one of the greatest revolutionaries/musicians of our time. He did this brillinat track called "Colonial Mentality" that Mr. Mosley thought he'd take a bite out of for Missy.

Let me guess that was planned for the sample mix 9 right? Catch up little man I know it's hard!


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