Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's on...

I'm surprsied Boogie. This is the first time that you posted a sample that wasn't on any of my mixes. The "Feel the Girl" sample is actually slated to be on Vol. 8, but I'll forgive you for that one lol.

Since you wanna pull stuff that's not on my mixes, I thought I would share something with everyone that is not on any of my mixes and that might be on Vol. 8. I know y'all probably thought that the "you ready" sample on Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" was just some sound Tim had on his keyboard.'s actually taken from a song by Eddie Bo called "Hook and Sling." Tim is just crazy for sampling that at the beginning of the track. I don't think anyone would have sampled that.

And Boogie, how are you gonna post ONE sample to "Right Now & Later On?" You know there are two right? You must have completely "forgotten" about the sampled drum pattern. For those who don't know (this includes you Boogie lol), Tim sampled the drums from The Meters' track "Jungle Man."

You finished J, or do you want some more of this beating?
Spell it out with me: C-Z-A-R

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