Friday, December 22, 2006

I smell desperation...

Well Boogie...sad to say it, but you're YEARS late on "Colonial Mentality." That was on one of my first mixes. So sad sad...

Anyway, since you're going to do Fela, I'll bring Fela back into too. Probably one of my favorite songs off Ms. Jade's highly slept on 2002 album "Girl Interrurpted," was a song that didn't even feautre Jade at all. The "Interlude" is all Timbo backed by a funky groove. The track samples "Oloufe Mi" (re-titled later as "Lover") by Fela Kuti. This song was one of Fela's earliest songs with the band Koola Lobitos, before his music became very political.

Wanna give this one last try again J?


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