Friday, December 28, 2007

When Timbaland Interpolates

I miss the samples of the week just as much as all of you do so to keep in the same spirit but not step on anyone's toes (Sample War III, you ready Czar?) I decided to start a new series looking at Timbaland's interpolations rather than his samples. First up let's look at one I bet you all don't know.

The Jadakiss/Timbaland combination was always one of my favorites. The beat for The Lox's "Ride Or Die, Bitch" from their 2000 album We Are The Streets is dope especially the way the sample is flipped. I have to admit I liked it even more when I later found out Brian Kidd did the beat simply because of the conspiracy theory aspect. Then there was the dark and sinister "They Ain't Ready" from the Ruff Ryders 2001 album Ryde Or Die III (check your liner notes people, Brian Kidd did the Petey Pablo track "Dirrty" from the same album) which is one of my favorite Timbaland beats and also contains an interpolation which we'll get to another post. Jada and Bubba blended perfectly and that beat is just DARK and beautiful.

So with 2 great tracks under his belt you'd think Jadakiss couldn't lose with Timbo and his crew, but then there was that solo album Kiss Tha Game Goodbye and the not so shall we say favorable song "Nasty Girl" featuring Carl Thomas (sometimes called "Good Girl" which is the clean version) Some of you might disagree with me but I am not a fan of the track. The quality isn't the best and I just felt Tim didn't give Jada one of his better beats which Jada more than deserves. Here listen:

As it turns out Carl Thomas' chorus is an interpolation from the 1983 song by Milo called what else but "You're A Good Girl"

So there you have it everyone, the first of many interpolations we plan to bring you. As always, if any of you know any hit me up! Czar are you nervous? :)


  1. j boogie
    first time here, and firstly wanna thank you for what your doing here. its great to see someone with so much passion for a producer but for music in general. im a huge fan of the mosley movement also. and i would love to kick knowledge with you sometime. but i read your last post and heard the remixes. i cant help but to not see cory bolds remix on the last. if you havent heard it check his myspace/corybold. its def cory bold style but it has the knock that were used to.

  2. Welcome to The Chronicles Wu. We're glad you found us and thank you for the support. As far as the remixes go, those posted were submitted to me. The accappela to the Simpson track was posted on the site and those who wanted to remix it did so and sent in their remixes.

    I'd love to have Cory Bold be a part of the next Remix It! contest. Definitely tell him to check us out. Again welcome!

  3. Shouldn't this post have been titled "When Carl Thomas interpolates"?

  4. damn, you talk too much

  5. Has anyone heard any news on the Mary track Sky Cap???

  6. foreal u have too much text

  7. That nasty girl beat is solid....

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