Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ashlee shoots video "Outta My Head" (Updated)

The music video for Ashlee Simpson's "Outta My Head(Ay Ya Ya)" was shot yesterday. She describes the video as "one of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali. You'll see a little bit of that surrealism in it. There's a bit of 'Being John Malkovich' in there too. It's a little out there." The single will be released on iTunes and other digital outlets this Tuesday. No official title of the album has been given which is looking to be released sometime in March.

Simpson describes her Timbaland helmed album, "There's definitely influences here and there from it, but it's definitely not a full-on '80s record. I've never gone into a room and worked with somebody who puts a beat on and you start going. It felt like somewhere to go with the record where I'd never been."

Update: MTV has also revealed extensive details about the video and Timbaland's cameo appearance. It sounds interesting:

****In the video, Ashlee hears voices — though they aren't in her head; they're the voices of her family, record executives, fans, haters and the media. The opinion overload is driving her crazy, so, according to the video's treatment, she seeks counseling. But her therapist, played by the song's producer, Timbaland, hasn't mastered the art of listening. He interrupts her in a strange drone that makes him sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons.

From there, things just get worse. As the song's beat kicks in, the therapist's office walls melt, and Ashlee finds herself in the middle of a surrealistic landscape, with clouds moving in reverse, melting clocks going backward and a giant Rubik's cube trying to solve itself in the sky. Timbo, now looking like Sigmund Freud, asks, "Am I getting on your nerves?" A chattering mob — including media members with cameras and tape recorders for heads — is closing in, so Ashlee runs away, only to stumble on the massive head of a statue, which looks a lot like her. The head opens its eyes and sings, "What, is that all you got to say? What, what, you're rubbing me the wrong way."****

Also take a listen to the HQ version of the track featuring Timbaland himself

Now that we have the HQ has everyone's thoughts on the track changed? I have to admit I think the track is a lot catchier than before yet I still miss the old Tim. I'd take a thousand "One In A Million"s for any of his "pop" songs. Thanks to SafeHandz for the track.


  1. man as always ashlee simpson sucks big time, i will only be interested in her album is because of tim, and royal court,other than that ashlee can keep doin her "Hoe Down" lol

  2. no!

    not curious! lol

    surrealism? that song is surreal also!! =)


  3. ok so it's leaked right... i have a version which has no timbo verse at the start - disappointed coz it kicked the song of awesomely - someone explain?

  4. anyone know where i can download this?

  5. it sounds like a fun record somebody gonna have a good time to this.... tim wants people to have a good time and party aint nothing wrong wit that

  6. much better in HQ....still not the Tim i want to hear....

  7. Its not bad. One of her better songs if you ask me...or actually her only good song for that matter.

  8. at first i dissed the hell outta this... but a few listens im feeling the beat can deal with out the singin though...wont play in my part of town though ...timbaland is for the masses now and is caterin his music too a certain crowd now

  9. tim in the video... I wanna see that... and catch an instrumental track along the line somewhere

  10. i miss the old tim too, but right now the hip hop game isn't what it use to be, and he's makin music that goin to get him paid and u can't get mad at him for that, but im sure in the future he'll be back with that old tim sound we're use to

  11. What's with people still saying Tim is making pop music just for money? For the billionth time...maybe he ENJOYS it? That said, this particular song isn't growing on me at all yet.


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