Thursday, December 13, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Missy's SUPA DUPA FLY timstrumentals

Last, but far from being the least of Missy's albums is her solo debut, SUPA DUPA FLY, released the summer of 1997.

Miss E had been gradually building her rprofile with guest spots here and there on New Edition remixes, with SWV, Gina Thompson and others. Anticipation for her debut was sky high...and for a Timbo fiend, I remember rushin to the stores the day this dropped.

Lead single was THE RAIN w/ that inescapable Ann Peebles sample. Eventhough it's one of my least favorite joints on an album full of bangers, the audience and critics ate it up, the Hype Williams directed video definitely helped too!

Hype Williams went even crazier on video #2. For some reason, this one ain't hit it as big but it was great to see Missy, Da Brat and Timbo runnin around this MEGA-MAN inspired world. SOCK IT 2 ME was built around that sample that Czar posted..remember who it was? I love this song to this day.

Single number 3 was the criminally slept on BEEP ME 911, that mighta been ahed of it's time and too 'experimental' for mainstream r&b tastes at the time.
Sidenote, do some of y'all miss Missy, the singer? I prefer her over Missy the MC.
Hype Williams took a break from shooting Missy, but the video still kept it nuts w/ Missy, Tim & Mag livin in Barbie's world, much better thatn that Swedish group Aqua ever did it.
The more hip-hop flavored remix was serviced to 'urban' radio stations and to mixtape dj's.

Finally, not really on SUPA DUPA FLY, and not really a single off this album either cause it came out in 98 as a single for the soundtrack to the movie CAN'T HARDLY WAIT...was HIT EM WIT DA HEE remix. I've gone on record about this crazy track before. One of my fave timstrus.
"sometimes i feel like doin a beat...sometimes i dont...." Only Timbaland.
The Rain timstru
Sock It 2 Me timstru
Beep me 911 timstru
Beep Me 911 remix timstru
Hit Em Wit Da Hee remix timstru
Yeah I know I've posted a couple of those before but I'm doin the album here and aint wanna leave any tracks off. So the reposts are for those who werent around the first time.

Also, scroll down to the UNDER CONSTRUCTION post for GOSSIP FOLKS timstru provided By Tom aka DEVOURED..props!


  1. Sometimes he feels like doin' a beat sometimes he doesn't

  2. What can I say...

    As for theHee Remix... I have no idea what's goin' on in the last part of the beat (the drums). But yeah it does sound great

  3. iv bin lookin for beep me 911 instrumental for the longest same with the remix for hiot em wid da hee da end of dat song is jus crazy. good lookin for dis

  4. Aqua is not Swedish. The singer is from Norway and the rest is from Denmark!

  5. co-sign, how he flipped that Björk-Song is just amazing!
    long time no hear, you guys just reminded me of that again!
    thx q:-)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. funny, you can hear the BjörkSample all through the song, even before the beatswitch. Pay attention in the breaks, but careful with the volume! ^^

  8. i miss the old im how he would just kill u with the breakdowns and the different drum patterns and sounds

  9. THANK you for these! "Beep me 911" is one of my fave Timbaland beats and also one of my fave Missy songs.

  10. this was an amazing debut. makes me nostalgic. does anyway else get that weird, but good feeling in the pit of their stomach listening to these beats? reminds me of that good 'ol aaliyah, ginuwine, timbo, missy era. *SIGHS*


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