Monday, December 3, 2007

Got Skillz The Timbaland Collection

Once upon a time last year, my man Skillz, the artist formerly known as Mad Skillz, dropped a mixtape spitting over nothing but Timbo beats. Where did he get the beats? Of course dude got permission from Timbo as they have been working together since way back in the day. Was Skillz ever signed to Beat Club? Nope but I've heard he was "signed" (along with Twista and Luda) to Tim before Tim even had a label. What happened exactly remains a mystery but for now let's enjoy this dope mixtape:

1. P-cutta - Intro
2. Skillz - New Era ("Indian Carpet" beat)
3. Skillz feat. M.A.F. - One Two One Two ("Dangerous Mouths" beat
4. Skillz feat. Pretty Ugly - Make A Decision ("That's Him" beat)
5. Skillz feat. Timbaland - Roller Skate Music ("It's Your Night" beat)
6. Skillz - Speaks On Timbaland
7. Skillz - You Should Know ("Back In The Day" beat)
8. Skillz - Classic Phone Skit
9. Skillz - Da Official Shit Is Back ("I'll Be Around" beat)
10. Skillz - P.S.A. ("I Like Dem Girls Part II" beat)
11. Skillz feat. J.R. - Big Kidz ("Leavin'" beat)
12. Skillz - Lost His Mind ("The Potion" beat)
13. Skillz feat. Ahken - Getting Money ("Cop That Shit" beat)
14. Skillz feat. Timbaland - Together (new Timbo beat)
15. Skillz - Richtown ("Party People" beat)

Listen here:


  1. this is more like it. keep it old skool timbo... ashley simpson? lmao

  2. agree.
    No more Simpson, unless its naked pics of the older sis.

  3. Great mixtape, I would love t my hand on some of em timstrus.

    And the label Timmy used to have was Z-MAN

  4. I've been looking for this tape for ages...

  5. No. 14 isnt a new beat! its deamn old

  6. Can someone post that Together song some say it is an unreleased track

  7. download the mixtape nigga

  8. ...and it looks like I'll still be looking. Server is always full.

  9. "Together" is not an unreleased track. It was a b-side to the Skillz "Ghostwriter" single on rawkus records (RWK-225) year 2000

  10. Nice post!!!
    I never understood why Skills never blew up with Tim.
    Great mixtape.

    Oh yeah, no more Jessica Simpson please!!

  11. Get me bodied (timbaland edit) on that datpiff site is it an offical timbo song. it is hot.

  12. Imagine if he did have skillz,twista,and luda for his label it would have been dope, but we know back then the promotion wasn't very good the beats would have been great.

  13. I was never convinced that Skillz got permission to use the tim beats simply because they're not instrumentals of the tracks. they're just looped parts of the songs that no one was rapping on. i liked the mixtape tho way back when...

    yo rod, do you know why z-man records never took off? I know tim had issues with blackground, so it might have been some disagreement on the vision of the label, but i'm just speculatin...

  14. Thing is Tim still is associated with Blackground. I've never understood that. He complains about them yet he's still with them....


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