Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Timbaland gets covered (Part I)

As much as we all appreciate Timbaland and the music he creates what about other musicians? Sure plenty of them have already worked with Tim and many more are on deck but what about those who are just plain fans? What's the best form of flattery in a musicians eyes? A cover of their favorite music of course and that's exactly what some bands have done. Here are just a few of many bands who covered Timbaland all of which you would never even expect to necessarily be fans. Listen:

The Eels "Get Your Freak On"

Bloc Party "Say It Right"

The Gossip "Are You That Somebody"

Thoughts? If you know any more hit me up.


  1. KT Tunstall also has done a cover of "get ur freak on" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge

  2. also... the Klaxons covered JT's "My Love" for the same aforementioned program.

  3. To the anonymous who gave the links THANK YOU!! I want to save them for Part II :)

  4. i think the eels destroyed an insane song. i thought the say iot right cover was ok at best, but i think the gossip did a decent job on the aaliyah track....

  5. The Gossip cover is terrible. I remember when I first stumbled across it last year. I couldn't stop LAUGHING!! They f**king murdered that song.


    Hey theres a track which has actually been written about timbo the main man, its named TIMBALAND.....(The Accolade), the artist is producer/singer/songwriter KIRAN ZAMMAN, its actualy very good, you can check it out at

  7. Ladytron did a cover of Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)"


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