Tuesday, December 4, 2007

BossPlayya Presents: Missy's UNDER CONSTRUCTION timstrus

This week, I'm goin w/ Missy's best selling album to date, her 4th.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION took it back to the 'Old School' and marked the beginning of Timbo's 'throwback' era. Beats like Brandy's TURN IT UP, Bubba Sparxxx's DISAPPEAR,Skillz' OFF THE WALL and Tim's own COP THAT SHIT all got their start with this album.

The first single WORK IT was so leftfield when it dropped, that before the video and credits became available...Tim fans left & right were left guessin if it was really Tim on the beat. Tim's fans had a mixed initial reaction to it, including myself, but radio embraced it. Now, everybody accepts it as a classic joint in a long list of classics. Reminiscent of how Tim fans felt when SEXYBACK dropped.

The next smash hit off this project was GOSSIP FOLKS featuring Ludacris. Here's where I apologize, I coulda sworn I have this Timstru but I been searchin for it like crazy and somehow it's missin...so if any kind Timbo fan has the track, send it our way.
The video for that track though, segued into the Ms Jade featuring FUNKY FRESH DRESSED...crazy track that I have included. I Can't see any other R&B Hip Hop producers at the time steppin out and makin' tracks like these.

Last, but definitely not least is the Missy/Jay-Z collab, BACK IN THE DAY. This was all set to be the next single, and as far as I know they even shot a video for it. It's a mystery whatever happened to it.

Work It timstru
Funky Fresh Dressed timstru
Back In The Day timstru
Gossip Folks timstru
EDIT!! Gossip Folks has been added courtesy of Tom aka DEVOURED


  1. Here's Gossip Folks :


    I didn't know Under Construction was her best-selling album, I would've guessed Miss E...


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