Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Soul Diggaz strike a deal with Mosley Music Group

I can remember 5 years ago when I bought Missy's This Is Not A Test album and while reading the liner notes cover to cover, as I do with any CD I buy, I noticed a few things. Of course there were the names to be expected like Timbaland, Missy, and Jimmy D, a few familiar names such as Nisan Stewart and Craig Brockman, but it was the new names that interested me like Demo, Marcella (yep she was on even back then), and the Soul Diggaz. As I continued to study liner notes from other CDs, I began to notice that the Soul Diggaz weren't just some one track wonders rather they had steadily been on the grind making a name for themselves.

With co-production credits for Missy's "This Is Our Last Time", "Hurt Somethin'", the Ashlee Simpson Missy featured remix for "L.O.V.E" and Missy's Madonna duet Gap commercial, it was obvious there was a some sort of connection. Upon digging further, I found out the Soul Diggaz have been around a lot longer than I thought. Starting out in 1996 with the artist Nonchalant, they quickly scored a track off of Pras' solo album and later signed as in-house producers for Mary J Blige's MJB Entertainment. The brothers K-Mack and Bless eventually hooked up with Corte Ellis, Missy Elliott's cousin, and added the songwriter to the now trio. With the buzz building, a bidding war soon ensued between Diddy and Missy and based on her talent, drive, and rising star power, the group went with Missy and just that quickly they were in the studio with Madonna.

Having produced on soundtracks like Honey, Big Momma's House 2, and The Fighting Temptations, as well as producing hit records for Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Monica, and Notorious B.I.G, the Soul Diggaz have established themselves as a fast rising production force to be reckon with. Corte Ellis has also been working on his solo album on the Soul Diggaz imprint in addition to writing for a variety of stars including Katherine McPhee and most recently with Danja and Britney Spears for her Blackout album.

Allhiphop sat down with Soul Diggaz to discuss their new deal with MMG, their journey through the music game, and what we can expect in the future from the trio. Check it out:

**** What can we hear on the radio right now that Soul Diggaz has done?

K-Mack: We just signed a huge deal with Mosley Music and Interscope, it’s a long time venture. We co-produced “Let It Go” with Keyshia Cole featuring ‘Lil Kim and Missy Elliot; we did a song for B5 called “Hydrolic” featuring Bow Wow; Cheri Dennis “Portrait of Love” featuring Yung Joc and we have a song on Bow Wow and Omarion’s album Face Off called “Jump Off.” I know that ya’ll work closely with Puffy. Do you think that your working relationship would be as strong if you would have originally signed with him instead of with Missy?

K-Mack We still have a great relationship with Puff. We was just in the studio with him a few weeks ago. We have a few things we’re working on with him now. He specifically called us up because he likes our sound and our formula. We’re actually going to Miami for seven days to work on Danity Kane’s new project and with the guy group from Making The Band. We are also working with a solo artists he signed named Donnie (from Making the Band) he signed. It’s a respect factor, even though we didn’t choose to work with him at that given time he respected our decision. He was going through a lot. ****

Be sure to check out the full interview as well as their myspace page. Pay particular attention to the new group called Izza Kizzas working with both the Soul Diggaz and Timbaland. Don't sleep on these guys as I guarantee you will be hearing a lot more from them in the near future!


  1. I started to notice Corte Ellis when Danja started producing on his own too. He was popping up as a songwriter in quite a few of Danja's productions. The dude can pen a good song. I think it's great that folk behind the scenes are getting their shine now.

    I'm gonna read through my "This is not a test" liner fold out and see what joints Ms. Lago did her thing on. :P

    Speaking of "This is not a test", I LOVE "Don't be cruel". The beat on that track (the first part with Monica) is bananas. I don't know what Tim was on when he did it, but DAMN that beat is hot. It's one of my fave tracks on the album.

  2. "I think it's great that folk behind the scenes are getting their shine now."

    Same here. Especially since popular music nowadays is really all about the people behind the scenes.

  3. Any chance for a Soul Diggaz/Danja collab? After all, they're both tied to Corte Ellis.

  4. I am really proud of Corte, K Mack and Bless for their dedication and signature style. No one deserves recognition more. Stay humble and God bless.....your sister and biggest fan!!


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