Monday, December 3, 2007

UPDATED! Throwback: Timbaland & The Neptunes and the "White Flag" remix exsists!

I'm loving these Throwback posts showcasing all the great articles from back in the day about Timbaland and the crew. Here's a very informative article on 3 of the biggest names coming out of Virginia: Tim Mosley, Pharrell Williams, and Chad Hugo. The article talks about how they each got their start, crafting their distinctive sounds, and some friendly competition. Take a look:

****''That's one of my biggest classics,'' Timbaland told me as we sat and talked in the studio. ''That record didn't sound like nothing else on the radio. I made about seven classics that you can still play to this day and still rock in the club. And I tell Pharrell, 'When you do that, that's when you get your veteran stripes.' I think he's got about three -- that Nelly song, ''Hot in Herre,'' Mystikal's ''Shake It Fast'' and Jay-Z's ''Give It to Me.'' I'm not talking about records that are hits, but records that still get played for years and years,'' Timbaland continued. ''I like to make it complex because that way, it stays around longer, and you can always listen to it. 'Are You That Somebody?' is still playing, 'Try Again' is still playing. Gotdang 'Cry Me a River' is phenomenal, wipes 'em out. 'Pony' I still hear, 'One in a Million' I still hear; they play it all day down here on the radio, all day radio airplay, 'Get Ur Freak On,' 'I Can't Stand the Rain,' they play 'Love 2 Love U,' that's the all-time classic. I could start naming, boy. I got title belts, you understand?''****

Full Article

The best part of the article is the confirmation of the Timbaland remix of Dido's "White Flag." Many people have claimed they have the track yet it has never been proven to be the official Timbaland remix. The common remix people have uses the same beat from a remix of a Tamia track from years back. I always thought that though people said there was an official remix, it was just a rumor and no remix was ever made (the same as the Timbaland remixes for Torrey Carter's "Take That" and Lil Mo's "5 Minutes"). Yet this article confirms that there is a remix, the question now is was it ever released and if so where is it?

Hear listen for yourself:

Tamia f/ Talib Kweli "Officially MIssing You" Midi Mafia Remix

Apparent Dido "White Flag" Timbaland Remix

What do you think?

It only took 8 hours to create and finish "Are You That Somebody", simply amazing. Enjoy the article! Thanks Pete for the tracks.


  1. man timbo has a whole slew of beats that are classics and when you produce classics that can still be played 5 to 10 years later that defines you as the best producer and tim has proven that, shout out to the neptunes!!!

  2. "The Neptunes are trained musicians"

    I found that statement interesting as it directly contradicts what Pharrell said in an interview alil while back about being self taught and only starting to study music after he spoke with Quincy and started listening to Herbie Hankock..

    As far as I know Chad is classically trained on the trumpet or some brass instrument but his role in the Neptunes is like clean up man..

  3. this article is like old because I see he fails to mention Hollaback Girl and Drop it Like It's Hot and of course his own Nelly and JT shit, but still a good read none the less.

  4. can someone rip these on mp3 please

  5. cruel we can't download this.

  6. "As far as I know Chad is classically trained on the trumpet or some brass instrument but his role in the Neptunes is like clean up man"

    *LMAO!!* @ clean up man comment.

    I won't hate on Chad, because
    a) He actually can produce tight beats on his own. (Kenna's "Free time" is MONAY!)

    b) He's honest about his role in The Neptunes and regardless of how small his role with the duo seems - Pharrell's beats have fallen off BIG time since Chad put himself out of the picture.

    Tim's beats are serious and he is one of my fave producers, but his ego and big headedness is so STANK! *lol*

  7. I can confirm that there is a Timbaland remix of Lil'Mo's 5 minutes, i have a 2 track promo which has 1. Flavahood Remix 2. Timbaland Remix. I found it on Ebay 5 years ago and fought hard to get it. I paid over $200 for it then and havn't come across another like it.

  8. Lilmofan WOW! That's amazing to hear! I've never heard of anyone was has ever heard of this track or even had any information on the track.

    You definitely have one of the rarest Timbo tracks ever created. Send me a picture ha!

    and THANK YOU for sharing that info!

  9. I only have a laptop and have no scanner so a pic is not possible at the mo sorry. It's a good track but I like the Flavahood better cos Mo brings a new vocal vibe in it.

  10. could always send me a snippet of the track or better yet the full :)

    but for $200 I wouldn't send it to anyone rather I'd lock it in a vault lol

  11. no its bein kept exclusive until I decide to sell it!! lol


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