Thursday, December 20, 2007

Samantha Jade "Eyes On Me"

Here are 2 live versions of Samantha Jade performing what has been reported to be her next single "Eyes On Me" produced by Timbaland, co-produced by my dude Jim Beanz, and written by Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

Video 1 (turn your volume way down!)

Video 2

Word is Jade was this close to shooting the official video for "Eyes On Me" replacing Britney Spears' video shoot for "Piece Of Me" since Spears refused to show up but once she found out about the possible replacement Spears decided to show up 12hours late.

You know I always prefer CD quality but until we have that what are your thoughts on the track?


  1. on the first video the drumz sound sweet, but can't hear anything else and on the second video i didn't hear sh*t:)

  2. i dunno if there was a mix up or maybe its the same song but the song she's is singing is "Step Up" the song from the step up soundtrack not sure its the same track but i could b wrong but if you go to her myspace the HQ version is on there. Just a heads up

  3. Yep that song is not a timbaland beat anyways. The song is called step up. Its on the step up soundtrack. Its produced by Wyclef Jean.

  4. Yeah, thats why you have to wait till she finishes "stepUp" to hear the second song "eyes on me". In the first clip she says: "the next song is the Timbaland-Song".. I bet Boogie just forgot to write it in the post ;) But again we have a Timbo-House/Pop-Song..


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