Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unrelased Jay-Z F/ Chris Martin "Most Kingz" produced by Timbaland

DJ Green Lantern recently dropped his Invasion Radio 2k10 which contains the track Jay-Z "Most Kingz" featuring Coldplay's front man Chris Martin that Lantern produced but there's actually a really cool back sotry to the track. The vocals for this were originally recorded for Kingdom Come but it never made the album becuase the beat couldn't be found. Say what!?

As it turns out, pieces of the verses ended up on the 2006 Grammy Family freestyle on Hot97 with Funk Master Flex as well as Coldplay’s "Lost" (Remix). Lanterns went on to explain the accapella went floated around to many different producers including Timbo:

This is my version working with the acapella. I’ve had this since 2006 and it was supposed to be on the Presidential Invasion mixtape–that never came out. Then Hov rapped these lyrics over his HP commercial drums, and the acapella went to a few different producers in search of a beat for it. I heard a Timbaland version and I think Just Blaze and a few others had it too. But by the time they made Beach Chair, I think Jay was over trying to find a beat for Most Kingz. Then he went to Flex show and the rest is history

Here's Lantern's version:

Big props to Christoph for the info!

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  1. Close, but no cigar. There's still some clashing going on between keys when it comes to Chris' vocals. Disappointing when "producers" can't even hear musically.


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