Saturday, September 11, 2010

50 Cent Talks Timbaland's New Collabos

Take a listen to the interview with 50 Cent where's he asked about Timbaland's possible "loss of credibility" via Shock Value II and working with the likes of Kate Perry and Miley Cyrus:

50 Cent could not have said it any better: "I don't think his [Timbaland's] original fanbase is interested in what that song would sound like." As one of those original Timbo fans, I couldn't agree more. Branching out is one thing, but created formulated music just for the money is something totally different. Bring back the "old" Timbo!


  1. I actually love the idea of miley and timbaland on paper. I feel if u work with her and try some new things u can come up with some hottt innovative shit thats beneficial to music. But what tim did with her was completlyyyyyy wack!!!!! Hot song but horribly plain beat! What I like is when tim switches it up and goes wierd. Tht beat was mad normal. Com harder tim. PLEASEEE

  2. I agree though he is
    still the king


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