Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keri Hilson "Still A Girl" Leak Vs. Single (let's hope)

Here's one of the most boring songs in the world produced by someone who isn't Timbo or Polow:

I hope this isn't a repeat of the last album, where half of it leaks or are singles before it actually comes out. Love you Keri but you're better than this!


  1. Awful, bland track. Keri seems to sing a lot of least in demos and whatever leaks come about. Hope nothing like this is on the album. Read this song was written for Beyonce, who passed on it. Not sure of the validity of that source, though. But it certainly sounds that way.

  2. yeah keri needs more "hold your beath" type tracks. engry,fun,and timbaland lol


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