Friday, September 17, 2010

Sample of the Week AND Who Flipped It Better

It's your boy Boogie here coming with another edition of the famous sample of the week but this week I'm bringing a little extra with an added Who Flipped It Better? bonus. You ready? Here we go....

For this edition, I thought I'd start with the Timbo song first. The year was 1998 and Missy Elliott, along with Timbaland's help, was introducing the newest siren to the family none other than the teenage Nicole "Nikki" Wray. What better platform to launch a career then a hot ass song, yes one dope and catchy track called "Make It Hot":

So which sample am I talking about? Here it is again: Let's go to 2004 when Kanye West released his debut album The College Dropout with the dope track "Two Words":

Hear it yet? It should be pretty obvious but just in case let's look at another track. Fast forward to just a few months ago when Eminem released his 7th studio album Recovery and the Mr. Porter track "On Fire":

Hear the sample I'm talking about? Yes it's the "AHHHHH!" So first thing is first Who Flipped It Better?

Now on to the sample itself. It originally comes from 40 years ago from the band Mandrill and their track "Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi): Movement IV (Encounter)" (yes that's the name). Here it is:

Now I say originally because even though this is where the sample comes from, Timbaland and possibly Kanye and Mr. Porter, got the sample off a sample CD. Do you know which one?

Czar you reading? Stick to your next sample mix cuz you don't want another sample war son!


  1. That Mandrill song is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to it. "Make It Hot" is great, too. But we already knew that, lol.

  2. Props, J. Kanye sampled the actually record and didn't use a sample cd. Don't know about the Em track tho...


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