Monday, September 20, 2010

Shock Value III in the works?!

So says Marcus Spence, President of Mosley Music Group:

I think shock value 3 is coming very soon

Let's hope it's better than number 2!

Speaking of Mr. Spence, did you know that along with the busy job of running MMG he also formed his own entertainment company called Ten2One Entertainment back in 2009? And do you know who he formed that company with?

None other than Paul Coy Allen.

Yes the same Paul Coy Allen who has done music videos for Timbo's "Morning After Dark", "Say Something", "If We Ever Meet Again", "Give It To Me", Sebastian's "Wobbley", Petey Pablo's "Go", and many other projects.

Check out the website for up to date news and new releases. It's all one, big happy family!


  1. Every artist says that his/her nex album is betta than the earlier work. ditto. pffff

    Then it's not even so hard to make a work better than Shock Value 2 or I should call SV2 "Now: This is what I call music"?

  2. Why does Paul Coy Allen continue to get work??? Every video of his I've seen has ranged from mediocre to awful.

  3. I second that Alex, i hope to god he isnt, I think this format worked for the first one and the SV2 didnt really work well. Gotta say it though, Danja's work is more interesting at the minute...

  4. MeSouth: "Every artist says that his/her nex album is betta than the earlier work."

    And, then it ends up being a lie. Timbaland can match SVI in terms of quality (SVII isn't even a question), but will he?


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