Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get To Know Nisan Stewart

As we've always done at The Chronicles, we not only want everyone to get their Timbo fix but to also get an education along with it. With that said you all know Nisan right? Yes the producer from Tweet's Southern Hummingbird but Nisan is not only much more than that but he's been around a lot longer than you think. How far back you ask? 2005? 2002? How about 1998 back when Timbaland was looking to put together for a TV spot when he found the incredible drummer at church and immediately knew the very talented Mr. Stewart had to be a part of the Timmy family. From Missy Elliott to Nelly Furtado, Aaliyah to Tweet, Nisan has been a long time collaborator with Timbo and the crew.

Check out this informative article on Nisan and how he came to become a local church drummer to touring the world with the best musicians in the world.

It's definitely better to go in with Missy Elliot. A lot of times we'll go in - I do a lot of production for her stuff and with other stuff, but to use her as an example we'll go in and do a bunch of tracks. Just be in the studio, just vibe out. Sometimes if I'm at home, like today I hot track and I'm gonna send it off to her. She's over in Scotland right now."

"I work down in Miami a lot. I work in Miami mostly. This year I'll spend most of the year in Miami. A lot of times it might be in New York. In the music industry they record in shifts like cause' it was kind of slow out here in L.A. for a minute compared to what was going on in Miami. Everybody was down there in Miami working at the Hit Factory. When we were down there a lot of people were there. From Jazz writers - to the Neptunes would be in one room me and Missy would be in one room, Puff Daddy would have a room and Timbaland would be in another room and Enrique Eglesias would be in there cuttin' tracks. I just like to have my own stuff so that's why I've got my own studio so I can do my own thing."

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Make sure to check out Nisan on the new Tweet album coming soon!

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