Monday, September 13, 2010

Senator Jimmy Douglass Talks His Craft and Working With Timbaland

If you remember back in 2006 we posted a the pod casts of Jimmy D sharing his knowledge and insight about his career, his views, and the history of music making to those lucky enough to attend his session at the Red Bull Music Academy.

But it's not only knowledge he shares, but some very familiar music and some surprises as well. We know have the video so check it out:

Jimmy D at the Red Bull Music Academy

Obviously the track he's talking about working with Timbo and the very bored Rapture is "No Sex For Ben."

but the REALLY interesting part of the interview that I must have missed or it was not included in the first podcasts we posted is when Jimmy D plays the track we've all been craving for years none other than Ricky Martin's "Bare My Soul"(this is where the snippet we all have originated from by the way).

Well listen to what Jimmy D says about it: "it's a record about him coming out of the closet." So that means of all people Jimmy Douglass out Ricky Martin 4 years before it was "official." Hilarious...

Enjoy the session! Props to Donny on the video.


  1. Greatness....I see Jimmy is working w/ Jared Evan and Polow right now??

    Timbo + Jimmy D was an amazing combo. Classic music. Classic sound.

  2. This is an old interview... 2005/ 06

    But Jimmy def is the best!!!


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