Saturday, September 4, 2010

Madonna-"Infinity" Produced by Timbo? Neptunes?

You know we love mysteries here at TCC, and there seems to be a mystery surrounding this newly leaked Madonna track, "Infinity," that was slated for her Hard Candy album:

"Infinity" seems to feature that shaker sound that's in Missy's "Wake Up" and the Timbo Mobile Underground remix to Madonna's "4 Minutes," and I think I hear Justin Timberlake on background vocals. So with all this, it must be produced by Timbo...right? Well, here's the thing about this track, it's reported as produced by Timbaland AND a demo for "Give it 2 Me," which we all know was produced by the Neptunes. Hmmmmmm. So what's the deal with this record? Is it produced by Timbaland? Did the Neptunes do it? What do you think? Let us know!


  1. it has both timbaland and neptune sounds in it. might be a co production.

  2. Wack .... Madonna's voice is awful on this song !

  3. Timbaland is coming to Sao Paulo
    for a hip hop festival! woow!
    i'll see him!! 13/oct

  4. some drums sounds like Joy drums to me..

  5. It does seem like what you'd hear if Tim/Danja and Pharrell had collaborated on this album. Too bad it's not a finished track, because it's insanely repetitive and boring in this current state. Madonna sounds TERRIBLE.


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