Monday, September 13, 2010

Did You Know: Lushone "Nikki" Siplin

Calling all old school Timbo fans here's a little history for you. As we all know, the first "official" Timbo produced album was Ginuwine's Da Bachelor that included the track "Holler" featuring a previoulsy unknown female MC named Nikki/Virginia Slim: Well you probably don't know it but that wasn't the last time you heard Nikki. Go pull out your Missy Supa Dupa Fly albums and listen to "Gettaway" featuring Space and Nicole.....aka Nikki! (with a much deeper voice and changed up flow). But that's not at all, Nikki was featured on another track under yet another name as St. Nick on the original version of "Luv 2 Luv Ya" with yet another type flow. Yep Nikki was Faye Dunaway wantin' us to squeeze on her nipples this whole time, who knew?! St. Nick was part of the original SupaFriendz crew invited to The Bassment by Dalvin Degrate of Jodeci on a chance meeting. Missy shouts out "St. Nick" along with all the other SupaFriendz at the begining of "Izzy Izzy Ahh" and Timbaland also gives prop to "Nikki" and the rest of the SupaFriendz crew on "Intro Buddha". HUGE props to Buddha for the revelations!

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  1. Hahah, nice post Boogie. Held it down for ol' school Timmy heads... :-)


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