Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Are Mannie Fresh's Top 5 Producers?

Mannie Fresh recently sat down with to discuss his 5 favorite producers. Check it out when asked who is top 5 are:

"Probably would be Mantronix, one of them. Well if you got a couple of Mantronix songs you would know, even my patterns and stuff is based around it, his energy and that music was just always energy you know...T-Mix is the dude that did all of the Suave House stuff, all the early 8 Ball & MJG stuff...Just Blaze, I'm a fan of dude, what he do establishes just crazy to me...Who else would I think in this lifetime, dead or alive, probably Timbaland. Yeah I mean this dude won't go away...[Dr. Dre] is all around to me he just found phenomenal samples and he forced you to do your homework in Hip-Hop because you wanted to know where that song came from."

So have Mannie Fresh and Timbaland ever worked together before? They have actaully on an unreleased Smitty track called "Dope Man." I recently asked Smitty if we'd ever get to hear any of his unheard Timbo tracks he told me it was all up to his label.....Blackground.

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  1. Listening to Mantronix from 1985 right now. Interesting...always cool to hear something new.


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