Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where Are They Now: Babe Blue

Remember the first time you heard Timbaland say "1 Life 2 Live"? If you were like me, you were wondering "who is that and is Timbo gonna produce their album?!" Sadly, only a few features and singles became of the duo including one of my favorite Timmy beatswitch tracks ever the Silence of the Lamb delicious "Can't Nobody" (you're late). Though not much has been heard from them, Babe Blue recently sat down to give this insightful interview:

Jay: Another question I was meaning to ask you whatever happened to your groups' debut album; do you still talk with Timbaland and did you ever collaborate with Missy or Aaliyah?

Blue: As far as Tim goes, he is a great person & an amazing producer. Although to be honest I don't speak with him now.. in that industry ppl are so busy & rarely converse with anyone they feel isn't about anything.. I just wouldn't even waste his time.. & I'm not taking anything away from him or knocking him.. he never told me not to call him but I'm just that type of person that if I have nothing really to speak of that I know will interest him, I won't bother. Tim & I spoke maybe about 2 years ago because I bumped into his body guard & he told me how Tim would Love to talk to me.. he gave me Tim's number & when I called he was Shocked to hear from me & asked if I was signed.. I told him no I was a free agent & he jumped at the opportunity & was like what r u doing right now... it sounded like he wanted to work right away & sign me so badly & he told me to meet him at the studio he always recorded at.. without thinking twice I jumped at the opportunity! when I arrived, I think I called his cell about 5/6 times & left messages.. he never answered me. Mind you it was a cold day in NY & I was just literally left out in the cold. I waitied fro about 2 hours... until I became so disappointed & discouraged that I said Fuck this! I HATE to have to kiss peoples ass so I turned around & went home & never called him again.. Who knows what turn my life could have taken or what would have happened but I chose to just go home & continue to live a normal 9-5 life & decided I didn't have the patience it required & let my dream go.

Missy is a doll although I never recorded with her, however I worked & signed with Lil Kim for like 2 years but she was never able to get her label off the ground so again I returned to the regular 9-5 life. Aaliyah I met once but never worked with or got to know.

Jay: I have Tim's Bio album and my favortie track on there is with you and Mocha I know Mo has a MySpace and she has already 2 unreleased albums, but do you still talk with her and did you ever collaborate with her on other tracks? And what was it like meeting and if you ever had the chance to work with Static Major of Playa?

Blue: I actually met Static briefly but never got to work with him or really interact to comment on or about him.. However I definitely liked his work.. Sometimes you can even work on the same track as someone & never meet them... the track with me & Mocha was like that... I never met her.. All I know what at the time my CEO Mark Pitts called me & was like I need you down at the studio within an Hour... Tim says if you got heat he'll work with us.. this was our first time meeting Tim... & all he told me was.. I got this track & an Artist named Mocha spitting on it but I don't know what to do with it... he didn't even have a hook... so I went in & i swear in one take laid my verse.. Tim was open... he thought it was that just beginners luck.. & he went & then started changing the beat when my verse came in.. I originally laid my verse in that beat Mocha is spitting over but right there in the studio he created that beat around my verse... then got so excited he created Can't nobody right on the spot! so we did 2 joints & thankfully both made his album And we were fortunate to have worked with Many artists!! & if we didn't record with them we definitely exchange opinions or performed together. Teddy Riley, Goodie Mob, Pharrell of Neptunes did a track & hook for us as well... We did a collab track with Black rob, Havre Pierre & Ja Rule etc.. It's just unfortunate we didn't get to share it with the world, our album was 20 tracks complete! to just get scrapped!

Full Interview

Real cool interview.

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