Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keri Hilson "Get Back" Demo for Britney Spears produced by Danja

Here we have another one of those tracks that make you scratch your head. First off, the obvious who is "Aaron"? Which would then make you want to say it's a fake BUT as you listen you'll hear Keri Hilson singing which means more than likely one thing:

Aaron here got a hold of the original demo and deicded to a version (a much poorer one by the way) of the Britney Spears and Danja track. Don't believe me? Check those levels especially during the chorus, someone is just a bit louder than the other. What you think?

Props to Sébastien


  1. Wow! Thanks for the heads-up on this one. We get to hear a lot more of the instrumental, too. Just wish it was Keri on the verses, too.

  2. The instrumental is different from the final version.


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