Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keri Hilson's "Last Time" A New Track?

So the brand spanking new Keri Hilson track "Last Time" has just dropped and we're all ready for the full to drop right?! It is a new track.......isn't it?


The track has actually been out for more than a year with none other than Candice Nelson providing her vocals and penmanship as she does with all her written tracks. Check out her version in full:

So if you've got Candice on the pen you know you got a Clutch track on your hands. Yep that's right J Que joins her on the writing credits and vocals and more than likely with Keri's version out now, she will also have writing credits. So what about the producer? Has to be Timbo with those 'Liyah "Try Again" drums.....doesn't it?


Track is produced by The Sureshot Brothers (check the shout at the beginning). With that said, can we say BITER?! Damn there's no getting around those drums. No I smell sample? Czar where you at.

You know how we do on The Chronicles, givin' you the real ish! Props to my fellow Keepers team!


  1. I need this song in my life!!

  2. hey mr Crown
    well my name is Romuald Lauverjon aka Jon Lauver from Sureshot Brothers
    sureshot brothers is a team of 4 producers based in Paris,France.
    I ve produced this track like 5 years ago with my partner
    first it was a remix of twisted by olivia ,then guys @ former Sony Urban label asked me the instrumental cause one of their writer was inspired by the beat ,i thank you for giving the information that it s candice on the vocals and on pen,i thought Jque did the writing by his own
    i love so much miss nelson voice...
    what i knew bout this track was that amerie cutted a version ,and kelly from Destinychild cutted it too(i ve listened to his version @ Sony during a meeting)
    unfortunately they did not pick it for their album,let s see what Keri will do.


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