Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Timbaland Heading to Malaysia

The Timbaland world tour continues with the next stop being Malaysia on September 24. Timbaland will be headlining for the upcoming Arthur's Day concert at Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya. The expected turnout is 15,000+ excited fans!

Arthur’s Day began as a global campaign last year by Guinness (my favorite beer) to celebrate its 250th anniversary, with consumer promotions leading up to Arthur’s Day on Sept 24 in recognition of its founder Arthur Guinness. Timbaland’s Arthur’s Day performance will open with by local acts Mizz Nina, Pop Shuvit, DJ Fuzz and Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium.

My man Moe Masri is lovin' it! Congrats man!

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