Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Game Won't Get "Krazy" with Timbaland

The Game recently sat down with Complex magazine and revealed that his Timbo produced “Krazy” that leaked krazy early, will not be on the final album. Check it out:

Complex: As far as your other songs, you had a lot of singles out. You had “Krazy,” “Shake,” and “It Must Be Me.” Were you not satisfied with…

Game: No, no. It was Pharrell’s idea to just throw a bunch of songs out. You know I’m saying like, we threw a bunch of shit out just to you know test the waters. That’s it, man.

Complex: So, will those songs still make the album?

Game: No.

Complex: They’ve been cut from the album?

Game: No, “Krazy,” and I think something else, those were for iTunes. Interscope doing a few things where you give songs to iTunes just to let the fans have them earlier and you charge them $.49 for ’em, and that’s what those were. We haven’t put out any real singles yet. The only thing that was on the album that got put out was the Justin Timberlake record, but that was never supposed to be the first single or anything. That was like a good, last, third or fourth single, but it leaked. The label liked it, radio liked it, so they started spinning it. Then another joint leaked, my joint with Robin Thicke and T.I.. When those joints leaked, man, you just gotta let ’em do what they do. Talk about ’em, push them as much as you can, ’cause they might blow—and if they don’t, then it was just a leak. But every time a song leaked I gotta go back in and really give it all I got. I really wish that Robin Thicke and T.I. joint didn’t leak, though, ’cause that was one of my favorite songs on the album.

Full Interview

Probably for the best since the track is pretty much considered old and wouldn’t make much sense on a new album. Do you think Game made the right decision?

Props to Chris on the info!

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  1. Definitely a good decision, because that track was weak. And look at that awful single cover "art". lol


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