Friday, August 20, 2010

Brandy Sued Because of Bran'Nu?

Allegedly. That's the word of the day. Remember it.

It's been reported today that international house DJ Marc Mysterio is suing Brandy for 6 million bucks for failing to perform. According to the suit, Brandy had agreed to put two 16-bar verses on the lead single from Mysterio's forthcoming debut album, Redemption and was allegedly paid $10,000 for her contributions. Allegedly, instead of keeping her side of the deal, her manager Ryan Ramsey allegedly told Mysterio:

“Yo Marc, listen, we just had a meeting with Universal and we tryin' to wrap up her new album deal with them and we have an issue now cuz we went over all the features she had lined up and they won't sign the deal with us if she follows through on your song cause they don't want her rapping over a dance record since they weren't happy with how her Bran'Nu tracks on Timbaland's album went down, so we gotta back out on this one.”

Mysterio's attorney, Laurence Clarke said in a statement, "They had a contract, it's quite clear what the arrangement and terms were, and they were supposed to provide [vocals]. Marc and his colleagues made all these arrangements for international commercialization. We're trying to contrast the profits now against if she would've actually performed on the record as she was supposed to-that's why you have contracts."

Again it's all.....allegedly.

I like Bran'Nu!

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