Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Signal Gets Busy With Timbaland

Dancehall artist Busy Signal, who can be heard on the new Major Lazer’s new EP Lazer Don’t Die is gearing up to release his new album D.O.B (Difference of Busy) shortly. Signal who’s been in the game for quite some time doesn’t plan on going out like other notable dancehall artists like Shabbar Ranks and Buju Banton. "I've learned from their mistakes. I try to think outside the box, beyond Jamaica. I mean, we sing gun lyrics here, and burn fire on this and burn fire on that, but that won't bring you to the level that you need to go. I've seen this over and over again with artists from Jamaica. You sing those songs locally, people go crazy, but at the end of the day that won't bring you to the wide level of exposure cause you're probably lashing out against those that would be accepting you."

In addition to tapping into his American audience with features with Major Lazer, Busy Signal is also working with Stephen Marley, Scott Storch, and Timbaland. Will Timbo produce a track for Signal or more than likely will we hear him feature on Timbo produced track for another artist? Stay tuned to find out!


  1. hey boogie, just a quick correction it's Shabba not Shabbar

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