Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Most Anticipated Albums of 2009

MTV listed its most anticipated albums of 2009 which included Chris Cornell's Scream and Missy Elliott's Block Party both with a release date of February. Curiously, there's no mention of Timbaland's Shock Value II which has also been rumored to be released in February.

The Chronicles has been getting reports now to expect a March release for Shock Value II though we can not confirm the date. Despite the rumored tracklist resulting in continuing fake "Meltdown" singles all over youtube, there is one track that we can confirm for the album and that will be Madonna's "Across The Sky" featuring Justin Timberlake originally meant for her Hard Candy album. The track along with a few others recorded together are kept deep in the Madonna/Timbo vaults.

Across The Sky, tells the story of a woman who is quite disenchanted by love, a woman who knows deception, a woman who lied and has been lied to quite a lot in her life. A woman who admits she is not a saint but that finally fells like a new person now that she has found a new love in her life and she is ready to travel "across the sky" with her man, poetically holding his hands in hers.

Stay tuned for more news as we get it!

1 comment :

  1. all i can say is THANK GOD "Across the Sky" is gonna be on it! Ive been waiting to hear that song and "La La" since... forever!
    im a HUGE madonna fan :)
    im hoping she re-release's Hard Candy with the extra Tim songs...
    If they ever do get released they'll probably be in 30 years from now when Madonna ends her career. And we wont ever hear them because everyone will forget about them by then...
    haha thats my theory :)


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