Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kanye West, Jay-Z, and the possible alternate

Now this is very interesting, take a close look or rather listen to this video. Of course initially you'll be thrilled to see vintage Kanye West making a beat but what I really want you to pay attention to is the 2nd half of the video with Kanye rapping:

Do those lyrics sound familiar? Here they are:

Magazines call me a rock star, girls call me cock star
Billboard, pop star, neighborhood block star
Chi-Town go-gettin pimps, we mobsters
Gingerbread Man even said, "You're a monster!"
Yeah, that's how I feel
To be down, you must appeal
To the crew, we're rated R
O.C., O.G., Bobby Johnson son
Ask me, "Rey-Rey, is that yo' car?"
I seen MTV, I know who you are
You did "Takeover," do you got beef with Nas?
I did take over the game, brought back the soul
Got tracks to go, got plaques that's gold
Platinum to go, yeah that's the flow
All I, know, I gots the flow
And I don't play cause I'm from Chicago

Think. Think hard or just cheat and put them into google. What do you get? Surprised?

So the question is, whose beat is that? Kanye's? Or did Timbaland create an alternate beat that was never used for the final album? Or did Kanye like his verse so much from this session he saved it for the final Timbo produced track? A true mystery...

Big props to Tryfe on the find.


  1. It's no other than Bounce - Jay Z Ft. Kanye West & Raje Shwari.

    But this alternate version sounds so Timbo..and a damn it's HOT!

  2. Truly sick. Although I doubt an mp3 download for the whole track will ever surface on the internet. :(

  3. Kanye's verse was dope the song was too.

  4. that beat is HOT!!!! but the thing is that rhyme is not originally from the bounce... it's from one of his demo tracks called, "wow". the wow beat is hot too and he even uses the signature timbo snare on it. BUT THIS BEAT SOUNDS IKE TIMBO FA REAL!!! they be shelvin the tightest stuff! makes me irritated

  5. HELP REQUIRED> Does any one have a song entitled 'Im a real nigga' its Attitude ft Timbaland. The beat is too crazy & I cant find the track. Its on you tube though. U gotta hear it. Nway..gr8 vid.


  6. there's no way thats another version of bounce, that's not a timbo beat, and kanye's verse on the song has always been considered wack

  7. "The Bounce" is so sick. Recognized it after the first line 'Ye spits. I didn't even really even notice Jay til the end!!

  8. At first when I heard the bounce (no I didn't cheat) I didn't know who dude was that was rapping on the song with Jay-Z, but that's a little sacrilegious, reusing lyrics, even if they're your own, and you don't even have 4 albums under your belt yet


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