Monday, January 12, 2009

Chris Cornell's Scream pushed back...again

Speaking of Chris Cornell, sadly his and Timbaland's long over due album Scream has been pushed back a month to March 9th. No reason as to why or if possible new songs have been added but get ready to wait another 2 months for the project to drop.

Will Chris Cornell and Keri Hilson's albums ever come out? Honestly, I'm getting nervous ya'll. Props to Kevin.


  1. watch they are going to push it back april

  2. why can't they just let it flop already?

  3. i'm getting nervous too... can't wait for Keri's album to drop... why cant they just let it flop already?

  4. ugh...
    not 2 hate but im really not that excited for keri's album. We've allready heard atleast 10 tracks from the cd. And btw there wasnt anything to special with Tim's songs. But its NOT keri's fault. She deff brought her A game on some songs. But I dont think Tim came correct.

    But for Cornell's album...
    From the songs we've heard they're all amazing and the album looks like its gonna be just as good as the leaked songs. I wanna hear it so badly! Idc if they push it back another month as long as they stop there. I didnt really believe they were gonna release it on the 9th anyway... haha!

  5. Idk I think and it's a given Chris Cornell's album will come out before Keri's will Tim's own album might come out before Keri's that is the way it seems.


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