Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chris Cornell and Timbaland

Check out the Sundance Chanel inspiration sessions with Timbaland and Chris Cornell:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

At least 2 more albums?! I'll believe it when I get the first one in my hands on February 9th.

Props to Eddie and Aayize.


  1. Ya know, Keri Hilson's birthday was yesterday, right?

  2. I wish you guys could clear up whether One Favor By Ciara was produced By Timbaland....

    Sounds like a CoryBold Beat...

  3. 1) Keri Hilson was born on October 27th, 1982.

    2) One Favor is NOT Ciara's song.

    3) I believe that in February will come out In a Perfect World as well.

  4. @Venture Bro & John-Nathan Glass
    Yy both know what you are? I'll tell you: a piece of ****! Especially you Venture Bro!
    P.S.: replace **** with any negative word that crosses your mind

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  7. hey venture plz stfu u suck man:D
    timbaland gotta come up with danja for sv2!if not it'll unexciting like scream & in a perfect world xD
    or he puts 5 beatmakers on each single track for sv2 :D

  8. big-a is just a troll. He doesn't say anything about an article, until someone says something unrelated. And then he still doesn't say anything about the article.

    So what makes him better than us?

    Big-A, you should take note from your superior, J Boogie. Multiple times I've seen members just pop out of nowhere and say something like "Blah Blah ft Blah Blah produced by Danja", and J would calmly, and nicely come in and say "That track is not a Danja track :)", or something of the like.

    But you... it sounds like every time you wake up, you have a gremlin sitting next to you, and every time you pour your cereal in your bowl, he just pisses in it, and you can't do anything about it. And you just eat your Pissy Flakes with a frown.

    You are such a tyrant, it would seem as if there is a cloud that follows your emo self around. I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd say you are a blog Hitler. You don't have to act tough online, love bullets go through! lol

    Wannabe Japanese? Would it be correct for me to call you a wannabe American/English just because you speak the language? Think about it genius. I know your lineage.

    Oh, and I spam nearly weekly? Really? Find my "spam post" you speak of... if you really want to waste some duration of your life.

    Big-A, to see your name under the "The Chronicles Team" is a little (a lot) discrediting, please show better composure.

    But enough with the lames, this video is old. They had this on MySpace, a couple of months ago. But! It seems there is a little extension on the last two videos, unless I just forgot about some of the detail.

    Besides, why can't Timbaland say "thank you" to Chris when he is giving him kudos? ^_^ lol

    my, my... why did I even respond to you Big-A? this won't do...

  9. The only troll in here is you. Boogie spends a lot time and energy on posting everything we have/get about Timbo. He gave up already a long time ago about what suckers like you post in the comments, he doesn't like it either. Because you obviously can't help dumbass people like you. It's actually so simple: don't post non-topic related comments. That's the only rule. And it has a reason why I want it to be like that, but you would not understand I guess if I explain it now. Your IQ doesn't allow it.
    Well and me I simply don't have the time to comment on every single posting, but when I see something that disturbs me, I will voice my opinion. That's one of my job's being a member of this blog. Bottom line. I never talked "tough" here, I am the coolest cat and everybody who knows me or "knows" me will tell you the same. But what you want me to do and say after countless times asking you in a friendly manner to please follow the rules??!! And yes I am german as you probably knew already. The only time I would tough talk and act crazy is NOW: I wish I would know you personally, just to knock you out because u dropped the word "Hitler"! No matter in which context you meant it.

  10. And once again, you still haven't talked about the videos. But you are right, you don't have the time to talk about the videos, only rant.

  11. It is truly a shame how cocky Timbaland has gotten!!! Keri did not have a top10, not even a Top40, and neither did Chris. It is also sad how they're trying to hype his disc by having all these "special" interviews because the songs are not on billboard. And why is Chris talking as if he is secondary to Tim? Chris is talking like he's a new artist when he's been just as long as Tim has run bands before. Again I say this should have a f**kin rock opus!!!Filled with many styles. The music is so _____________. The music needs to explode will energy like Chris' voice but all it ever does is hold him back. If Tim was such "the best" as he proclaims, he would have known the music needed for Chris Cornell's unique voice. I wish they would release keri and chris as mixtape/eps and redo their entire albums. Tim knows nothing of what composition is; his head is too high clouded with bs.

  12. ignoring the stand off of one of the two frequent commenters.,,,,, I can't wait till this comes out!!!! everyone has been waiting for ages, too long perhaps. Anyway i think this is one of the most important years for Mosley Music Group - lets hope its a good one.

  13. Have they given us a solid release date? February 9th? Overdue.

  14. @Christopher ..Man you always say it like it is. big up to you bro. You are so right. I love Timbo but if he doesnt reduce the swelling of his head, this may be his downfall. He cant do it all alone. and he needs to be a bit more humble & give other people credit. I really feel Danja would have bin an amazing addition to this project. Im jus hurt about how he has beef with JT now. But it was inevitable because JT is growing as a producer aswell now. & Tim wouldnt want him stepping into his territory.

  15. @ Haze: i dont think we've been waiting too long. lol! i think we found out that tim was working with chris back in may. So it hasnt even been a year. For Keri, we been waiting since back in 06. lol!

    @Stardust: Tim and JT have beef???
    WHAT? Elaborate plz! lol!

  16. whats with the JT and Timbo beef?

  17. Tim and JT Beef I don't know about that it would be a bigger story not a rumour.

  18. LOL. Timmy is still on JT's top friends on MySpace (the 3rd PERSON there, to boot). This whole beef thing is unfounded.


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