Friday, March 2, 2007

Czar's Sample of the Week

What's up y'all? It's Friday again, and that means another installment of Czar's Sample of the Week. When I saw Boogie's "Where are they now" thread on Black from Playa, I rememered that Playa had been totally neglected in Czar's Samples of the Week. This week's sample will fix that problem by showcasing a Playa sample.

Now, if you haven't heard Playa's "Cheers 2 U" album, then you are certainly missing out. From beginning to end, it's an amazing album that everyone should own. Two of my favorite tracks off that album are "Cheers 2 U" and "Ms. Parker" Interestingly enough, both these tracks share the same sample (although the one on "Cheers 2 U" is harder to hear). The guitar stab (and in "Ms. Parker," the main beat) featured on both tracks was sampled from the Dramatics hit song "In the Rain." Again, I love how Tim used the guitar on both tracks.

That's it for this week. I hope you all enjoyed this week's installment. Have a great weekend, and I'll catch y'all next Friday for Czar's Sample of the Week.


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