Friday, March 23, 2007

Nephew & Timbaland

Despite what was previoulsy reported the Danish group Nephew will not be on Tim's Shock Value. Here is the latest update via Nephew's blog:

****Unfortunelaty Nephew is not on the track list of the upcoming Timbaland album. But the contact between Nephew and the Amaerican producer is well established.

Marcus Spence, CEO of Mosley Music Group has made the following statement:

"After we made contact with Nephew early December Timbaland unfortunately ended up fighting against time getting his album finished before deadline. The past months have seen him being on tour with Justin Timberlake, in and out of various studios to finish mixing the album – and also finishing new tracks – unfortunately it was not possible to get the Timbaland/Nephew track done in time, but we will continue the collaboration later this year.

Timbaland is a big fan of Nephew."****

For more on Nephew and who the are and what they're about, check out their myspace Hopefully the callabo will one day occur.

Props to Big A for the info!

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