Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brain Kidd Discography

In case you haven't read the other Brian Kidd posts I have done, BK is a producer who used to work with Timbaland and even produced some tracks under Timbaland productions. Currently he has been working a lot with The Clutch and can be heard on 2 tracks off Rich Boy's new album.

Ya'll know hat a big time Brian Kdid fan I am, so I thought I'd put together his discography
for everyone to check out. I have a feeling there might be some tracks on there that ya'll never knew he did.

Word to the wise, don't always believe the liner notes. I used think they were always right and there was no way they could be inaccurate but as I've learned through the years, they can be very misleading and they don't always credit who really produced a track.

Look out for Hannon Lane's discography coming soon. It's gonna be a tough one to put together.

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