Saturday, March 3, 2007

D.O.E disses Storch

Commin' in for that 1, 2 punch is my man D.O.E on a Tim beat. D.O.E. didn't just make a diss track, dude created a diss song!
Dude was on fire in the studio. Check it:

"Piano Man"

Ill beat but listen to D.O.E dude ain't playin'!! He's got some classic lines in there "You dissin' a black man in Black Histroy month??" but the best part is the end when the beat switch to the Hammer track produced by Storch f/ that dude Nox. Of course I'm biased but still D.O.E OWNED Storch on this track!

What ya'll think? Props to my man Big A for the track!

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