Monday, March 26, 2007

BossPlayya presents: Timstrumental of the Week

Timstrumental of the Week
Things are heatin' up this week. Most fans have either downloaded it already or are gettin ready to stake out their local retailers for it. The new TIMBALAND album. So on the eve of the cd comin out, I tought it would be fitting to take it back to Timbaland's first official release as an artist.

UP JUMPS DA BOOGIE by Magoo & Timbaland. Yeah...that's how it was on the single's cover and in Billboard Magazine when they first came out...Magoo before Tim.
Tim was on a hot streak, following the Aaliyah, Ginuwine & Missy albums, plus he had hit records with SWV and Total charting.
10 years on the song still sounds crazy, I dare you not to get all "bobbleheaded" to this track. Here's hopin' Timmy will still be droppin gems 10 years from now.

Magoo & Timbaland//UP JUMPS DA BOOGIE timstrumental

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