Monday, March 12, 2007

Bossplayya's Timstrumental of the Week

This week, I'm keepin' it with the OG Supafriendz clique. And keepin' it in 1996. ONE IN A MILLION was an album track first, but before that hit the airwaves, Tim had his first 'Major' hit with Ginuwine's debut single PONY.

I could not get that song outta my head when it came out, of course I copped the album on the Tuesday it dropped...and lo & behold, once again the name TIMBALAND was in front of me. The intro and other joints almost made me forget about PONY, but that song was just undeniable.

Usually when you pick up records a decade after they drop, you notice that slow jams tend to age well, while the uptempo joints inevitably sound dated (check Jodeci's FOREVER MY LADY album). It's a testament to Timbo's genius that PONY still sounds as fresh as it did 11 yrs ago, and just think Timbo has said he had that beat for years before the record dropped...

Ginuwine//PONY timstrumental


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