Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Timbaland leaks a new track

o here's yet another Timbaland radio interview from Elliott in the Morning but this time Tim has a few surprises for us. Check them out:

Part I

Part II

So I wonder if the Missy biopic will ever happen. It would be interesting to have all the Super Friends Crew back together for the movie.

So finally we hear Timbaland's side of the "Do It" controversy. Tim says the sample is from a video game (or so he thought) and did not steal anyone's beat. He admits to sampling but not to stealing. The dude probably has thousands upon thousands of sounds, added to that he's busy as hell so he doesn't have time to know which sound is what but he admits he did sample. Hoepfully we can all move on from this and let the lawyers work it out now.

What you all think about Tim & Trent Reznor, Tim & Metallica, Tim & Pearl Jam, and Tim & Sade? Sounds real cool to me. I think Reznor and Tim would be pure insanity!

And finally here is another single from Shock Value. The track features The Hives and is called "Throw It On Me" What do ya'll think? Hot track?

HUGE props to Bigmac for the interview links and n0t0 for the new track!

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