Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Black Russians

You'll have to forgive me as I don't have a lot of information about this group. They did release an album titiled The Rush Part One (no there never was a Part Two) Consisting of various members, Timbaland and Hannon produced a few tracks off there album. Here's the tracklisting:

1. The Rush Into (Produced by Hannon Lane)
2. We Gon’ Get It (Produced by Hannon Lane and Timbaland)
3. Back Up Out My Way (Produced by DJ Kool and Screwface)
4. Hey Yo (Produced by Terrell)
5. Bounce (Produced by Tremain Saunders and Timbaland)
6. So Sexy So Fine (Produced by Hannon Lane)
7. How Many Girls (Produced by Troy Mitchell and Termain Saunders)
8. Love To Ball (Produced by Troy Mitchell)
9. You’re The One (Produced by Terrell)
10. Hayes Wylde (The Showdown) (Produced by Termain Saunders and Hayes Wylde)
11. Take Your Time (Produced by Antonio Gilmore and Jam)
12. Forget About Us (Produced by Hannon Lane)
13. Why You Talkin (Produced by Hannon Lane)
14. P. Town/ Ink Town Thugs (Produced b Trey Mitchell)
15. Shake It (Remix) (Produced by Termain Saunders)
16. What U Feel (Produced by Kamaflaj)
17. I Dream (Produced by Terrell)
18. Back Up Out My Way (Video Mix) f/ Magoo (Produced by DJ Kool and Screwface)
19. The Rush Outro (Produced by Kamoflaj)

Not on the album: Back Up My Out My Way Alternate Version F/ Magoo & Sin (Produced by DJ Kool and Screwface)

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