Sunday, February 4, 2007

Fabolous & Timbo

Straight from MTV:

***The official first single, though, is "Make Me Better." The track — which features Ne-Yo on the hook and was produced by Timbaland — finds Fab in a very familiar mode, talking to the ladies. The strings will remind hip-hop fans of Raekwon's classic "Rainy Dayz"; as for the lyrics, Fab and Ne-Yo tell ladies they are forces to be reckoned with on their own — but with their ladies upgrading them, they're that much better.

"You want a girl that completes you and makes you better," he explained. "You don't want a girl who brings more arguments and more bills. ... You want a girl who, when you're walking around with your tie crooked, she fixes your tie. .... That's the kind of [woman] I'm looking for. Whether she's a celebrity or non-celebrity don't really matter. You just need somebody you can connect with."It touches so many places," Fab added of the song. "It's a sexy record, plus a swagger record, an anthem record all in one. ... I played it for a couple of dudes a week ago, and they was like, 'I'mma tell my shorty that: "Yo, shorty, you make me better. I'm cool, I'm fly and sh--, but us together, we make a great pair." ' Dudes can take it — it's giving them some game. I felt it could work on all levels."

On the production front, while Timbaland helped man the boards on Fab's debut, Ghetto Fabolous, the rapper and super producer actually didn't get together in the studio this time.

"I never got to actually hook up with Tim," Fab said. "But I was in Miami working for two and a half months. So I would see him out, see him around. I seen him in [Miami hot spot] the Forge a couple of times, and a couple of his records would come on and I'd be like, 'This is what I need.' He'd be laughing and say, 'All right.' He definitely knows I respect his work. [When I went to record 'Make Me Better'] Ne-Yo came in and attacked them strings. He already had a vision. When I came in, all I had to do was put the spice on the sh-- and it was ready. It was smash already to me." ****

So finally another Fab and Tim callabo. Big props to Bossplayya for the link!

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