Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New Polow Article

Check out the new article in this month's Ozone mag. The scans aren't the best but still it's a good read. He mentions Tim in a few places. Check it:



A lof of people have e-mailed me and asked about the connection between Polow and Tim. I can honestly say I don't know exactly. From what I've heard, Jim Crow was looking to work with Tim and that's how Polow met Tim. I also know that Polow was part of the making of Bubba's Deliverence album. Polow was also featured on the Mudd Katz "Put It On Me" and remixed Bubba's "Back In Da Mudd" (Zone 4 Remix) .

There has also been a lot of speculation about Will Smith's "Partystarter" with people saying it was a Tim beat sold to Ludacris who then sold it to Polow (hence why Luda gets co-writing credits though he doesn't rap on the track) but no one can say for sure. There is also speculation about the Medina "Number Man" track with people saying the beat is a throwaway beat from Tim that Polow picked up.

The Polow/Tim connection is definitely something I would love to know more about. Everytime I read an article about Polow I wish someone would just ask about their connection or at least ask how they met. Maybe one day I'll get that interview!

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