Sunday, February 4, 2007

One Republic looks to sign with MMG

I just recieved a new bulletin from Ryan of One Republic and he has some exciting news to announce:

***Heyyyyyyyy all our wonderful friends out there in myspace... we've got some news!!!!

There's part of me that doesn't want to send this bulletin (to avoid the jinx- everyone knock on wood real quick)...BUT. To those who have been so patient with us you deserve information.

We are currently negotiating a deal with Interscope records through Timbaland's division of Interscope (YES, 'the" Timbaland that did Nelly Furtado, Justin, Missy, Bjork, Duran Duran)...I've known him for years (and used to be signed to a production deal with him), and as life sometimes is, everything comes full circle.....expantion:

As many of you might know we were signed to Columbia records in 05 and our album was supposed to be released this past summer.... didn't happen. Crap happened. People got fired. Labels merged and politics abounded.....if u know anything about this insane industry you will understand what we mean. Anyway, due to some savvy strings being pulled we got out of our deal and have been "unsigned" since May of 06.

Summer of 06, Timbaland comes a'callin, showing interest in signing us to his new label on Interscope (happens to be the best and our favorite label), meanwhile he's blowing up bigger than Jupiter....I, personally, as well as the band, respects and loves his music and production and savvy, so we of course say "yes". So.....we are to be Timbaland's 1st rock band released on Interscope in 07. Again, this goes against all the rules of jinxing something good.....but you need to know that at 'this' moment in time...'this' is what's happening. They are buying the album from Columbia (or most of it), we will be adding some new songs, and then releasing our album on Interscope.

ALSO- Timbaland has remixed "apologize" and put a remixed version on his own solo album called "Shock Value" which comes out Late March- EVERYONE GO BUT IT PLEASE!!! thanks. We might do an eminem- dido thing here where one album helps launch another. Needless to say- none of this has come about in the way any of us thought but we are grateful for the new label opportunity, grateful for Timbaland's interest and help, and grateful for a shot at getting our music to the masses. ......and more than anything- grateful to YOU guys for sticking with us. thanks .

Ryan *****

Definitely some exciting news! Ryan speaks of working for Timbaland productions and I asked him awhile ago about that. Turns out he produced "Apologize" under Timbaland productions. He also talked about the work he did on Bubba's Deliverence album. So they definitely have been friends for quite some time.

Looking forward to hearing more from this callabo. Tim is gonna OWN 2007!

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