Friday, February 23, 2007

Tim wants to work with Ginuwine again

Check out this new article from Billboard:

****Producer Timbaland told Billboard in a 2001 interview that he'd never make a solo album as an artist. But that's exactly what will arrive March 27 in the form of "Shock Value," which, as previously reported, features such high-profile collaborators as Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Elton John and Fall Out Boy.

"I had some of this album in mind before I hit with Justin and Nelly," he tells Billboard. "But Justin solidified it for me. He said I needed to do something for myself. I've never been this anticipated in my whole life when it comes to my own record. It's like a Jay-Z, Kanye West or Young Jeezy. But I'd really rather people like me as an entertainer versus an artist. I just like to entertain." Timbaland describes "Shock Value" as "taking you through different emotions. It flows like a movie with different parts: horror, comedy and drama. My mission is to blow up boundaries, taking my music outside the box. It will shock the system."

Before roaring back to the top of the charts in 2006, Timbaland admits he was embittered by a period of time when the industry was indifferent to his ever-evolving sound. "I knew I wanted to do something different musically," he says. I got criticized for that. Labels wouldn't give me a shot. They were saying, 'He's lost it; he's over.' That's why I'm talking so cocky now. I got tired of people smiling in my face and then talking behind my back."

Next up on Timbaland's production docket are "Eve, M.I.A., Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Madonna," he says. "Missy and I still talk. She's like a sister to me and I'm with her till death do us part. I haven't gone into the studio yet with Madonna. I need to call someone now to talk about that further."

Asked who he'd like to work with that would surprise people, Timbaland replies, "the Rolling Stones because they make classic records, and I need one of those classic, Titanic records. I also want to work with Sade. And for personal reasons I'd like to work again with Ginuwine."****

Short but sweet. Still hoping for that Missy/Timbo duo again! Props to Big A for the link.


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